Why you TOTALLY have time for self care.

totally self care

“I really want to use more self care in my daily life, but I just don’t have the time to do it.”

I hear this on a daily basis with my clients, and its a reality for a lot of people that their lives are getting busier and busier. BUT it may also the case that people are prioritising their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health less. So yes, things are getting busier but we are also prioritising ourselves less, which creates a big problem.

I want to ask you a question. What are the things that you do every morning without fail? Perhaps make yourself a coffee, put on makeup, check Facebook, eat breakfast, brush your teeth…

I wonder how many of you have “practice self care” in your essential morning routine?

So often I hear that people ‘don’t have time’ for the strategies I teach to build confidence and self care. It drives me a little crazy because you DO have the time, but the problem is that you aren’t prioritising your wellbeing and self care routine.

Things like deep breathing, mindful showers, writing in your gratitude journal, positive thinking diaries, none of these take more than 10 minutes a day. Most of us spend way more than this on social media in a day, am I right?

The thing is, self care should be peppered throughout your day, to ensure your stress levels aren’t getting to high, to create moments of joy and pleasure, and to prioritise yourself amongst your responsibilities.

So, I want you to consider a couple of things:

1) Rethink what ‘self care’ means for you

Are you falling into the thinking trap of all-or-nothing thinking? This is when things need to be either perfect, or you give up.

e.g. I really need some self care and would LOVE a Bali trip or day at the spa. But I don’t have time or the money, so no self care for me, I’ll just power through!

If so, you need to rethink what self care really means. It’s not just the big, indulgent things (although that is lovely), its actually the little things you do each day to prioritise your emotional, physical, social, mental, and spiritual health.

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2) Schedule in self care activities

If it is scheduled in, it is mentally much easier to complete. Whether its exercise, a work deadline, your to-do list, anything in life that is schedule in is more likely to be completed.

So, do the same with your self care activities.

The people who are really successful at this are really good at scheduling in self care as they would any other appointments. They have little breaks of self care during the day. 10 minutes of meditation, a 15 minutes tea break, 20 minutes of reading.

Don’t wait until you have the time to engage in self care. Let’s face it, not many of us suddenly have lots of time to indulge.

Here you can download your free weekly Self Care Checklist and make sure that you are ticking off all the areas. This will make you feel much more balanced and settled.

3) Recognise your barriers

So this one is tricky, because it requires more introspection and reflection on what your self talk is saying. So even as I’m talking, what have you been thinking to yourself? If you notice negative thoughts like “Oh that wont work for me” or “I still just don’t have time” then these are real mental barriers that are getting in the way of you progressing.

Try to go a little bit deeper and consider WHY.

So if your mind automatically goes ‘I just don’t have the time’, have a think about why.

Perhaps you don’t think you are worth the priority? How come? That signals a low self esteem and tells me that you really should be working more on your confidence and self worth.

Maybe you feel guilty spending time on yourself each day? Are you a parent who feels the guilt every time you do something for yourself? Remind yourself that a calm, happy, fulfilled parent is a GOOD parent. And self care=calm and happy.

Or maybe you are stuck in the ‘busy’ trap and think that time=productivity? (hint, it doesn’t!)  And that you aren’t getting enough done! Do yourself a favour and read Arianna Huffington’s book ‘Thrive’ and change the way you view ‘busy vs productive’

Take this as a prompt to re-assess your priorities and goals today. And remember that you deserve time for self care, because you are SO worth it.

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  1. Thanks for this! It’s so true, I think next to “I can’t afford it,” “I don’t have enough time” is definitely the number one excuse for not doing something. For me, self-care is making sure I spend time doing what I love.

    1. Jess

      We all have the excuses that automatically come up. Acknowledging them is important, and so is making time to prioritise yourself xx

  2. Thanks for reminding me of the importance of not making excuses. I am important and I am worth making time for.

  3. I read every day. People have told me they love reading, but don’t have time. I can’t not read. It is a restorative thing about which I am passionate. So every night when I hop into bed, I read a bit more of whatever book I’m reading. I am never without a book.

    Exercise on the other hand? That’s where my excuses come out. Since I won’t walk in the dark, finding moments to fit that in truly is a challenge, since I work 11+ hours a day. It’s a challenge I haven’t resolved yet.

    1. Jess

      I read every night before bed as well and I love it! Totally hear you on the challenge of exercise.

  4. Great tips and so true. It’s so important to make time for yourself, whether it be 10 minutes to truly enjoy a coffee and flick through one of your favourite magazines or an hour-long yoga class, so long as it’s something you love it can make such a difference. #teamIBOT

    1. Jess

      You are so right, finding things that bring us joy is so important.

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  6. So many great tips! I recently just took a look at what self-care means to me and how to fit it into my life and it was so eye-opening and amazing!

    1. Jess

      It means different things to everyone doesn’t it? It’s about finding what works for you and prioritising that.

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