If you are a busy, overwhelmed, and stressed-out mess, you KNOW how hard it can be to find the time to prioritise yourself. There are a million reasons you don’t practice self care;


-You are so busy, you barely have time to eat, let alone meditate

-You feel guilty every time you have time to yourself, it just isn’t worth it

-You struggle to say no to people, and end up doing tasks you really don’t have time for

-You don’t really know what self care even means to you, or why you need it

-All the suggestions and blog posts on self care seem like they would suit a different person (baths? hate em!)


Self Care? Who even knows where to start?


Hello! I’m Jess McCallum, a Clinical Psychologist from Perth, Australia. When I was at uni, self care wasn’t even on my radar. I studied psychology full time, was working three (!) jobs, and was going out with friends. I couldn’t even see the burnout that was happening to me, because I was young and full of energy (and way too many Red Bulls). Then, in 2011 I got hit with an autoimmune condition and I had to learn the hard way just how much stress and self care plays a role in a lot of mental, emotional, and physical health issues.

Nowadays, I work as a psychologist and help people manage their stress levels EVERY DAY.  I prioritise my own self care routine, and I help other people like yourselves to do the same  The Complete Self Care Workbook is going to help you do just this.

I can promise you that this Complete Self Care Workbook isn’t just a bunch of inspirational mumbo-jumbo. It won’t leave you thinking “But wait, how do I practice Self Care?”. This workbook will take you through evidence-based activities that I use with clients in my private practice every day. You will learn:

-What your stress style and your self care style are

-What routines nourish and deplete you

Practical strategies that help calm the mind and use more balanced thinking

Relaxation activities that help soothe and relax the body

Self care activities that restore the soul

-How to put it all together to create your unique self care plan

-The best apps to use to help you succeed

This is the workbook you need to buy if you want to reduce your stress levels, and take your self care routine to the next level. It include 30 pages of practical, useful strategies that you can implement straight away. For only $9.90, can you really say no?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this an ebook or physical copy?

This is an ebook! It will be available to download as soon as you complete the purchase.

Do I need an understanding of stress or psychology to benefit from this?

Nope. This workbook is designed to benefit everyone who needs some strategies to improve their self care routine or reduce their stress levels. Whether you have done this work before, or this is TOTALLY new to you, there are lots of activities in here for you to practice.

What if I don’t like it?

I am confident that you will find much benefit to learning more about your stress and self care style, and learn some new self care strategies that you didn’t know about before. And for only $12.99, this is a steal! However, I make no guarantees that this will work straight away. It’s all about how much you take on board the advice, and practice the skills. But if you have a problem with the material, I want to hear from you. Email me at: jess@confidentlife.com.au and we can chat about it.

I am passionate about helping people love themselves more, and improving your self care routine is a wonderful step towards this. That is why I created the Complete Self Care Workbook. What are you waiting for? Jump right in!

Any final questions? Email me and let’s chat! jess@confidentlife.com.au