Turn your mind into a powerful resource for

change, growth, and happiness

If you are looking for a place to finally clear the clutter in your mind, get clarity on your inner voice, and receive specific strategies to improve your mental health, you are in the right place. Thriving Mind Academy is a membership of women who are ready to prioritise themselves, turn their mind into a source of healing, and make the changes they need to have positive, balanced mental health.

Hi there, I’m Jess!

For the past 8 years I have been working as a Clinical Psychologist, helping women improve their mindset, build confidence and self compassion, and make powerful changes that elevate their mental health, relationships, and lives.

Thriving Mind Academy was developed so that I could help women do this in their own time, without the financial and time pressures of individual sessions, all with a sense of community and clarity.

Ok, what’s involved?

Following a plan can be KEY to improving your mental health. Thriving Mind Academy takes away the confusion and clutter and gives you a step-by-step model of evidence-based strategies to personal growth, balanced mindset, confidence and happiness. Each month, you will receive:

  • A module package designed to give clarity and clear steps to take to improve your mental health. Information, worksheets, and recordings all on important topics of: self care, relaxation, nervous system, emotional awareness, mindfulness, self compassion, reframing your mindset, core beliefs, and meta cognition
  • A monthly self care plan with tips and quick, simple strategies to build into your every day routine
  • A live workshop on the monthly topic
  • A private Facebook group only for Academy members to share wins, get advice, and keep motivated!

Join at the Premium Annual level and receive all of the above, PLUS:

  • Monthly ‘Deep Dive’ meeting via Zoom, where I go deeper on member Q&A’s and monthly topics
  • Access to ‘The List’, a cultivated directory of key psychological resources from around the globe, updated monthly
  • Free access to ebooks Self Care Workbook, My Anxiety Toolkit, and my course Optimism Boost

I’d LOVE for you to join me and prioritise your mental health and happiness.

Thriving Mind Academy is for you if:

💕 You are up late at night, consumed with worry and anxiety and don’t know what to do

💕Your health is impacted by your stress levels, and you know you need to make some changes

💕You read so much about improving your mental health, but get confused by mixed messaging

💕 You know that you do so much better with regular guidance and support

💕 You want to keep learning and reach a high stage of self awareness

💕 You like the idea of community and knowing that you are not alone

Thriving Mind Academy is NOT for you if:

🔷 You don’t like advice and information, and would prefer to go it alone

🔷 You already have a clear path and strategies to improving your mind and mental health and don’t want more

🔷 Making changes scares you, and you are not ready to commit to further growth and development

Any questions?

What exactly is Thriving Mind Academy?

This is a membership, where you receive monthly resources, tips, advice, live workshops and a community. Think of me as your guide through the steps from Novice Nellie to Enlightened Ellie!

Can I join later?

Thriving Mind Academy is a closed membership, meaning it is only open for new members a few times a year. This allows me to focus more attention and energy serving my members, rather than marketing.

How is the content delivered?

You will receive 2x emails a month. One with the module (full of information, worksheets, and clear direction on how YOU can make a change), and one with your monthly self care plan.

You will also have access to our private Facebook community to ask questions, connect with others, and progress on your path. This is where your monthly LIVE workshop will be delivered as well.

Premium members will get another private Zoom meeting where we do a Deep Dive into the monthly topic, and regularly updated access to The List of global psychology resources.

Can I join this membership instead of seeing a Psychologist?

Hmmmm, this depends. It is important to know that the information and advice in this book is generalised, and should not be considered individual treatment in any way. This is because when you see a Psychologist for sessions, they get to know your history, personality, risks, and then tailor treatment for you. This resource is based on psychological EVIDENCE and many people do find great benefit from these strategies. But if you feel like you need more specific advice, definitely book in with a Psychologist as well as the membership.


Terms and Conditions:
The material in the Thriving Mind Academy is for general information purposes only. Whilst we have exercised due care in ensuring the accuracy of the material contained on this website, the information is not person-specific nor does it take into account your personal circumstances. Nothing contained in this membership is intended to be used or treated as advice. It is not personalised advice and it is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, condition nor should it be used for therapeutic purposes or as a substitute for your own health or medical professional’s advice. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. Before relying on any information or material or using any products, you should obtain your own professional advice to ensure it is relevant to and appropriate for your particular circumstances. We urge you to contact us directly if you have any questions or require assistance.