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You have knots in your stomach at the thought of going to a social event.

You feel overwhelmed and nauseated before your day has barely started.

The thought of talking to your boss makes you want to call in sick.

You don’t understand why other people can do things without thinking about it 1000 times.

You drive yourself nuts with overthinking and needing reassurance from others.

You’ve had panic attacks and are freaked out by having another one.


Sound familiar?

If so, you need My Anxiety Toolkit, a psychological resource designed to give you the tools and tricks to managing
your anxiety with confidence. This isn’t going to just tell you to ‘calm down’ and that ‘you’ll be fine, just forget about it’. Umm, no thanks, if it was that easy you would have gotten over it by now, right?!

My Anxiety Toolkit is 35 pages of specific, evidence-based psychological strategies to help you manage your anxiety. Based in a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) approach, these are proven tools and tips that help you understand your anxiety more deeply, switch on your automatic relaxation response, and turn worries into rational thoughts.

My Anxiety Toolkit includes your ebook with information, reflective worksheets, downloadable tip sheets, and 4x calming mp3 downloads for you to use any time you need.



You will learn:

PART ONE: All about Anxiety. What is it, how it feels, and different types.

PART TWO: Emotional awareness. Learn how to label your emotions and thoughts, and sit with uncomfortable feelings.

PART THREE: Negative narratives. Identify unhelpful thinking traps and stories and challenge your anxious thoughts.

PART FOUR: We love metaphors! All the metaphors I love for anxiety, that help you reframe situations.

Part FIVE: Ways to calm down. Evidence based calming tools that switch on the parasympathetic nervous system.

PART SIX: Panic Attacks. How to identify and deal with a panic attack.

PART SEVEN: Worry time. A great strategy for all you worriers!

PART EIGHT: What are you avoiding? Creating your step ladder and being brave.

PART NINE: Planning for the future. Don’t stop here, learn to tackle future stressors and setbacks.


I just hate having anxiety and I just don’t know where to start.

Don’t worry, I can help!

I’m Jess McCallum: Clinical Psychologist, Mama, coffee and cheese lover, and your teacher for all things anxiety. I help clients with anxiety EVERY DAY in my practice in Hobart, Australia.

Anxiety can be so debilitating and I know that if you are reading this, you are desperate to find more relief and live a happier, calmer life. I’m here to help. I hate seeing my clients struggle with anxiety and feel powerless against it. I want you to feel confident that you have a good understanding of your anxiety, and a whole bunch of tools to manage it. The strategies in this toolkit are PROVEN techniques that, if practiced and implemented, can really reduce anxiety.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this an ebook or physical copy?

This is an electronic resource that includes an ebook, worksheets, and mp3 recordings. It will be send to you in an email to download as soon as you complete the purchase.

Do I need a diagnosis or good understanding of anxiety to benefit from this?

Not at all. This resource can benefit anyone who struggles with anxiety at any level. I will talk you through what anxiety is, how to tell when it is a problem, and ALL the strategies that can help you.

Why should I pay for this?

There is a hell of a lot of information out there on the internet about Anxiety. But a LOT of it is bogus, unfounded and sometimes downright dangerous. If you struggle with Anxiety, life is challenging enough and you deserve the proven, evidence-based treatment. You deserve advice and strategies straight from a Clinical Psychologist (that’s me!), but without the hefty price tag of individual sessions. The information in this resource is from my years of experience working with clients, but compacted into an easy to read, self paced workbook for $23.99. Bargain!

Can I read this instead of seeing a Psychologist in person?

Hmmmm, this depends. It is important to know that the information and advice in this book is generalised, and should not be considered individual treatment in any way. This is because when you see a Psychologist for sessions, they get to know your history, personality, risks, and then tailor treatment for you. This resource is based on psychological EVIDENCE and many people do find great benefit from these strategies. But if you feel like you need more specific advice, definitely book in with a Psychologist. 

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I am passionate about helping people overcoming their anxieties and realising with confidence that they can do it!

That is why I created My Anxiety Toolkit. What are you waiting for? Jump right in!


Any final questions? Email me and let’s chat!