Confident Women: Lauren Hunt

Lauren is mother of two and an early years teacher from Adelaide SA. She blogs about all things early learning and parenting over at

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What does confidence mean to you?

I think confidence means that you are happy in your own skin. You walk this earth with your head held high and feel good about yourself overall, on the inside and the outside.

Where did you learn how to be confident? Or how are you learning now?

Being a teacher means that for 6 hours a day you have (up to) 30 pairs of eyes looking at you, and 30 pairs of ears hanging off your every word, and you are influencing 30 young minds. Confidence is KEY to being a teacher as you get up in front of the class day after day, you sing and dance and aren’t self conscious of how you sound because the kids will love it and join in anyway. You are often being scrutinized by parents and have to back yourself and confidently address their issues. You are being evaluated by leadership and/or peers and once again need to have confidence in your performance as a teacher and do your very best every day in the classroom.

What do you think makes it difficult for women to love them selves and own who they are?

SOCIAL MEDIA is a big one to blame for this because we have beauty shoved in our face through all angles of our newsfeeds. The grass always seems greener in someone else’s insta-gallery and we are comparing ourselves to other’s size, shapes, clothing, brands, etc etc… (she’s wearing Lorna Janes and here I am in my daggy Target leggings). BUT, having said that, there is quite a movement in terms of #realmumstyle, #keepingitreal etc where women are sharing more of their everyday lives that may not look so picture perfect, which is really refreshing.

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What challenges do you have that dampens your confidence levels?

I’m going to be brave and confident here and share my dress size. I have always been a size 12, my whole adult life. I’ve had two children and my belly is a bit squishy and deflated and not so taut, but I’m lucky I managed to squeeze back into (most) of my size 12s. So I guess to answer this question it comes back to appearance, like if my hair’s messy or I don’t have make up on and I get spotted by someone I know at the shops and I’m rockin’ my mum uniform of a black top covered in baby grime + jeans.

Who is the most confident person in your life and what qualities do they have?

I’m going to come at this question from two angles…

Real life = I have many amazing mumma friends, but there’s a few who come to mind who just seem to always have it together! Like they have immaculate houses, they wear nice clothes, they have pedicures, they go to the gym, they do great activities with their kids, and they’re just so lovely to be around (note this doesn’t describe just one mumma, but a few). They are the mummas who I want to be like.

Social media = I adore Jenni from Styling Curvy (, she would have to be the most confident friend I have on the net. She has a great flair for fashion and absolutely rocks it and is loving life.  Another lady I’m loving is Kirsty from The MummySomniac ( – she tells it like it is and gives us a glimpse into her #realmum life while totally rockin’ it!

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When do you feel your most confident, powerful or beautiful?

Straight hair, pedicure, comfy jeans, nice top, foundation on (again I hate to keep coming back to appearances but it’s the first thing that came to mind). I also feel confident when I’m teaching, and there is certainly an element of feeling powerful there too because you’re the one in charge of those 30 little humans. It’s always nice to feel beautiful on a date night with hubby when I get to feel like a real person again and not just someone’s mum.

Do you have any quick confidence tips when you want to boost your self-esteem?

Hmmm, that’s a tricky one. I have to resist the urge to veg out on the couch – because when I do I end up feeling worse than I did before. So I guess what I’m trying to say is to keep moving. Have a coffee, buy a new top, get your nails did and spray some dry shampoo in your hair – that’ll do the trick!

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Is there anything else you would like to share or advice for other women who may be struggling with their own confidence and self worth?

Reach out, be brave, take risks, make new friends, find your tribe, do what you love and when all else fails, have another coffee.

Taking care of yourself is not selfish, it’s a necessity.

Thanks Lauren!

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  1. [email protected] through the haze

    How fantastic. Confidence is the key to everything isn’t it. Some of the most attractive women I know I consider attractive because they are incredibly confident in their own skin. This is something I really struggle with, but am really trying to work on. Thanks for writing this. xo

    1. Jess

      Absolutely, the most beautiful women in my life are ones that believe in themselves.

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  3. Great tip to keep moving, except when you really do need to stop and rest on the couch! I feel like I am too busy at the moment and time is precious. I need to stop and spoil myself, which will make me feel confident in the long run x

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