7 videos to pick you up when you’re feeling down


We all need those go-to tricks to make us smile, giggle, or fall-off-the-chair laughing. Healthy emotion regulation is as much about accepting the spectrum of emotions as it is about being able to transform your emotions when appropriate.

There is nothing wrong with sadness, but sometimes you just need a little pick me up to get out of your own head and feeling good again. We know that the act of smiling can actually improve your mood, so why not bookmark these videos to crack that grin and lighten your heart on a down day. Here are 7 of my favourites:

Puppies vs. Stairs

I ate the bacon

The best wedding aisle ever

 Cats stealing Dogs bed

Man gobbles at Turkeys

Baby laughing at ripping paper

Cat friend vs. Dog friend


Hope you enjoyed 🙂

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    1. jessmccallum

      And it’s why I will always be a dog person! Glad to make you smile. Must catch up soon.

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